Press Release May 2012

The above is wrong in a lot of ways. +Graham hasn't been a Vicar General for 3 years, and many other things, as they did not stick to the press release we sent them. So here is a copy of the original version:

The Church of St Mary & St John
A Celtic/Gnostic Jurisdiction in the United Kingdom & Ireland.
"Let's bring joy back into religion."


Chorley, Lancashire - 6th May 2012 - On Sunday newly consecrated Bishop Graham Suddick asked of religious leaders worldwide, "Let's bring joy back into religion."

Consecrated by Tau Tia L Douglass, (Tau is the Gnostic spiritual title equivalent to Bishop) Presiding Archbishop of The Church of St Mary & St John, an independent Celtic Gnostic Church, part of a growing movement of Gnostic Theolalites that claims an alternative form of Spirituality free of either State or Papal control.

"It is time for change, it is time for Balance and Harmony," Tau Douglass said at the Ceremony. "Helping others find inner Peace and Happiness is the most wonderful gift you can give to another," she continued. "Today's Religion needs an open and friendly face, to become a place where people are accepted for themselves no matter what their Sexuality, Race, Colour, Creed, Status, or Gender." Consecrated as the Titular Bishop of Llangollen & Abbot of Killerig, Tau Suddick is only the second Bishop to be Consecrated in a completely Balanced Ceremony, the first being Tau Douglass herself. The Ceremony was officiated by both Male and Female Clergy, with the Altar divided into a Male and a Female side. "As more Men and Women become aware of the energies of the New Aeon," Tau Suddick declared, "those who are more Enlightened Spiritual beings will find the old ways abhorrent. They may no longer feel comfortable in the Old Patriarchal Religions and Traditions."

The Balanced Ceremony used in his Consecration was originally created by Bishop Johanas van Alphen, former Presiding Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church. According to Tau Suddick, it has been revised by Tau Douglass "to be more fitting for the New Aeon we are moving into." Tau Suddick continued, "The Old Patriarchal Religions have no future in the New Aeon, which is to create Balance and Harmony. They should either accept Female energy as equal and complementary or they will naturally lose support." In his Consecration Ceremony Tau Suddick gained valid Catholic Orders from the Old Catholic Succession and at least five other valid lines. His Lineages range from Liberal Catholic to Old Catholic, Brazilian Catholic through Orthodoxy to Gnostic and Templar.

He is also the Episcopal Vicar General of The Church of St. Mary & St. John, a Celtic/Gnostic Jurisdiction in the UK and Ireland. For more information regarding The Church of St Mary & St John please see the web site