Press Release October 2013

Continued Harassment of Female Bishop

By Tau Graham T Suddick - The Church of St Mary & St John

Many don't like the fact that women are now becoming spiritual leaders again, so they will use anything to discredit and demonise them, especially those standing up and trying to make a difference. Along with those who want a fair and balanced society where men and women are different, but equal. These tactics include libel, harassment and intimidation.

One such case is a web site set up with the deliberate purpose of causing emotional distress, along with an attempt to discredit and destroy the reputation of Tau Tia L Douglass, the Presiding Bishop of The Church of St Mary & St John. This site was originally published on the internet by a Mr Christopher Cain. The site contains a number of false allegations and out right lies concerning Bishop William Ireland and Tau Tia L Douglass. This is just one incident in the ongoing harassment of Tau Tia L Douglass, which started prior to her Consecration. The web site is updated regularly, meaning that it is not a static site as implied by the police and so we feel it constitutes a continuing harassment.

This continuing harassment has included threatening phone calls, emails, Facebook posts and comments, forum and blog posts, along with false accusations against Tau Tia L Douglass, visits to her home from the police and even a humiliating ordeal when she was told to attend an interview with the CID at the police station. This involved being taken into the back of the police station where the cells are, and treated as though she were a criminal. Simply because Mr Christopher Cain made false accusations, claiming she had created a web site stating that he was a paedophile. Even if that were true, which it is not, it only constitutes a crime if she falsely accused him of this by reporting him to the authorities. So she has been visited and interviewed by the police, causing her alarm and distress, when in her eyes they had absolutely no cause or justification to do so. This resulted in wasting Tau Tia's valuable time, and having her lose out financially by disrupting her working day on several occasions. Tau Tia L Douglass has complained to the police about the continuing harassment from Mr Christopher Cain, but was told there is nothing they can do as it is a civil matter, even though upon further investigation it has been found that harassment is classed as a criminal matter. This we believe was a deliberate attempt at manipulating her into not pursuing the matter further.

After further communication with DC 777 Richard Horton of the Lancashire Constabulary, she was notified that an agreement had been reached with Mr Christopher Cain and Bishop William Ireland on 23rd September 2013, that the site would be removed. However as of 17th October 2013, it would appear that they have now gone back on this agreement and are refusing to remove the site.

Tau Tia L Douglass

Tau Tia has had a long spiritual journey, which began at a young age. She is a published Author on esoteric subjects and spirituality (Tau Tia's book She has studied many aspects of religion, spirituality and anthropology, which led to her Consecration to the Episcopate in February 2011.

Just prior to her Consecration, a stranger whom she had never met or even communicated with, but apparently Bishop William Ireland was acquainted with (later revealed to be Christopher Cain), attempted to stop the Consecration from going ahead. Since that day he has apparently done all he can to have the Consecration abnegated and has continually intimidated and harassed Tau Tia.

Although Mr Cain and Bishop Ireland insist that Tau Tia's Holy Orders can be abnegated, we can see by the following quote from that this is not the case:

a bishop who appoints a certain priest as pastor of a parish knowing that the man is morally or psychologically unfit for the task acts illicitly, since the appointment violates canon law (cf. canon 521 2, 1983 Code; canon 453 2, 1917 Code). But the appointment is still valid. In other words, that priest is the rightful pastor of the parish so that, for instance, the marriages he witnesses there will be true marriages... Even if this where so, a bishop who carries out an Episcopal Consecration while unsound acts illicitly but validly. He violates a just law, but the man or woman he ordains receives the sacramental powers of a bishop so that they in turn can ordain true priests capable of offering the holy sacrifice of the Mass.

Even though they wrongly insist Tau Tia is unfit to Minister, it would make no difference in these circumstances as Holy Order's once transferred can not be undone. They have even used the excuse that Bishop William Ireland was at the time of the Consecration mentally unfit, although he appeared to be in full control of his faculties at the time and showed no signs of mental instability, either before or during the ceremony. As we have already seen in the quote above this however would make no difference to the validity of Tau Tia's Consecration.

Tau Tia established the independent Celtic Gnostic Church to help bring about a paradigm shift within the consciousness of the planet. The Church is named The Church of St Mary & St John.


The Church of St Mary & St John

Established in March 2011 by Tau Tia L Douglass & Tau Graham T Suddick. The Church of St Mary & St John's Mission is to bring together the exoteric teachings of St Peter's Church and the hidden esoteric teachings of St Mary & St John. Our beliefs stem from the Gnostic texts, Dead Sea Scrolls & Grail Code, as well as other spiritual and religious texts. We believe in the Divine Feminine and bringing back the balance between masculine and feminine.

Each of us must search for our own True Will which is gained from Sophia (Wisdom) and Gnosis (Intuitive Knowledge). Through Sophia and Gnosis we can find salvation of the soul from the material world. The teachings that lead to Gnosis have been hidden in the underground stream by those who have secretly passed it down.

Having been labelled heretics in the past, we believe that the world is currently a more open and accepting place, and feel it is the right time to bring these teachings back out into the open. Unfortunately there are still those who are too set in their ways, leading to situations similar to which Tau Tia is now facing of prejudice, ignorance and religious bigotry.

We believe that everyone has the right to: Do whatever you want, worship whatever you want, believe anything you want, so long as it hurts no one else and you don't force your views on anyone else.


To Conclude

We have offered Mr Cain an olive branch, a solution to this on-going problem, but up until now he has failed to act on this good will measure. We will continue to monitor and record any future updates to his web site about Tau Tia L Douglass, and respond when necessary on our own web site or in future press releases to any inaccuracies or allegations.