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-- What is an independent church?

Although The Church of St. Mary and St. John has valid lines of Apolistic Succession, it does not stand under the canons and doctrine of any other church. It has it's own set of canon laws and doctrine.

-- Why do we need another church?

There is currently no other church or religion that has the same open and accepting stance. Since the destruction of matriarchy, patriarchy has dominated every main stream religion, and even if some of the churches are now accepting female Priests again, they are still venerating only a masculine God and trinity.

-- What makes The Church of St. Mary and St. John unique?

The Church of St. Mary and St. John believes all religions have sprung from the same roots and are all connected, most have been used to manipulate and control rather than enlighten. That most of the people have been denied enlightenment, as the true teachings of Mary Magdalene and John The Baptist have been suppressed.

The Church of St. Mary and St. John's Holy trinity is the Mother, Father and Divine Child.

We believe men and women are equal and both are entitled to become Priests and spiritual teachers.

-- Where does Jesus fit into the Celtic and Gnostic tradition?

Jesus was of royal blood and a spiritual teacher along with his wife Mary Magdalene.

-- Your teachings seem to be similar to those in the book and film 'The DaVinci Code' isn't that just fiction?

The book does contain some facts and some fiction. The only way it would have been allowed to be released is as fiction. These ideas are not new they have been passed down through the hidden church for thousands of years.

-- What is the hidden church?

Occult means hidden, Occult Mystery Schools that teach the Esoteric truth are the hidden church.

-- Are you Christians?

No we are Gnostic Theolalites.

-- What are the four pillars of Gnosis?

Please see the article - The Four Pillars of Gnosis.  

 -- Where are you based?

We currently have two Bishops who are both located in Kristinehamn, Sweden. These are the only ones who are currently available to carry out Ordinations. We have others who are training within our seminary and these are worldwide as the course work is carried out online, and only the Ordinations need be done in person. See the Clergy page for all our Clergy locations.

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