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Blood Type Bottle Charms

Gorgeous Artisan Bottle Charm Blood Type Kit

What could be a better form of blood ID than these beautiful charm bottles filled with your own blood?
So unique and exciting and totally new.

You can even choose which cord necklace comes with your kit.

Chose from red cord, brown cord, black cord or a silver chain necklace.

They also make an excellent gift for your friends and family. For someone extra special you can give them the charm bottle already filled with your blood, and allow them to carry your life force round with them as an extra special memento.

Truly special and irresistible.

They come in a kit ready for you to fill with your blood.

The kit contains: A scroll with full instructions, a cord or necklace of your choice, silver charm findings, silver bell, charm bottle, pre-injection wipe and a lancet.

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