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1st November 2015

The Orders News Letter for November is now available.

17th October 2013

Press Release

4th May 2013

The Orders News Letter for May is now available.

5th April 2013

The Orders News Letter for April is now available.

1st March 2013

The Orders News Letter for March is now available.

8th February 2013

The Orders News Letter for February is now available.

10th January 2013

The Orders News Letter for January is now available.

8th December 2012

The Order's News Letter for December is now available.

12th November 2012

The Order's News Letter for November is now available.

1st November 2012

Early in the morning on 31st October 2012 we lost Priestess Adora McKenzie.

She will always and forever be in our hearts. She was a wonderful woman with a gentle and caring nature. It was her last wish that none of us give up on our important mission. We won't let you down Rev. Baroness Adora McKenzie CSsM&J, Cdr, OIO-SnlKHT, BA (Hons), OMM, OThc, OJA, OHG, ODC, OFS.

You can see her memorial video here

13th July 2012

Celtic Gnostic Mass Dedicated to Mary Magdalene Tau Tia & Tau Graham are celebrating the Celtic Gnostic Mass and invoking the spirit of Mary Magdalene on her Saints Day. Everyone is welcome to come along and celebrate with us, just let us know you are coming and how many you are bringing with you.

Sunday, 22 July 2012 - 19:30

Temple of Theola - Nr Chorley, Lancashire, UK

16th May 2012

Tau Tia & Tau Graham appear in the Chorley Guardian

6th May 2012

Congratulations to our new Bishop - Tau Graham Suddick.

6th April 2012

Ben De Mond was one very special man, he knew the truth about our bloodline and even though I only knew him for a short time, I knew he had a heart of gold and loved his boys very much. He was true spiritual royalty. He will be missed by many A LOT.

Youtube Memorial by Ben's Father

News Article about Ben

Ben's comment on the Be The Solution page: "Using religion as an excuse to commit horrible crimes against humanity, is a practice that must end!"

I hope we can make his dream come true for him. All the nasty horrible people in the world, and a drunk driver who survived the crash he caused and killed this great man. I feel sick about this, and I won't ever give up on this movement as I will always remember Ben and his wishes for a better future for his sons.

Even though Ben has gone, his name still counts, does yours?

Send donations here to help his boys

15th March 2012

Congratulations from The Church of St Mary & St John to Revd. Adora McKenzie & Anastasia Bagration-Moukhransky on their Ordinations to the Priesthood.

3rd March 2012

Congratulations to Rt. Rev. Graham on his appointment as Titular Lord Abbot of Killerig.

19th December 2011

At last Paypal accepted the Church account as charitable organisation and we can now start using the Church shop to raise some funds. Going to add all kinds of stuff so keep calling back, going to add t-shirts and mugs etc for both our Templar Order and Church

2nd December 2011

The Church of St Mary & St John are pleased to announce the ordination of Revd. Graham Suddick who today 2nd December 2011 was raised to the Order of Priesthood. Congratulations Revd. Graham Suddick +.

29th November 2011

Our Bother Christopher Hopkins has changed his name by deed poll and will now be known as Christopher James Saund-Singh.

9th November 2011

Some information about our Celtic Gnostic Mass

30th October 2011

We are very happy to welcome another Brother into our Church. Brother Christopher will be starting his Cleric training and visiting for ordination soon. Welcome Brother xXx

22nd October 2011

Tonight we did the Veritas Invocation and it was such a beautiful ceremony, I wish you could have all been there with us. We have decided to take Lady Veritas, Goddess of Truth as the patron deity of The International Priory of Knights Hospitaller Templar.

19th September 2011

Asking for your generosity please. We had a meeting with our Accountant about getting the legal status of the Church set up properly, this will allow us to get tax exempt status. However, as we all know the government never allows you help others for free, there is one off fixed charge of £250 payable to HM Customs and Excise. We are therefore in a position of abeyance until we can raise these necessary funds, and we are asking everyone to please donate as much as you can to allow us to continue our work. This is also holding up our ability to set up our Paypal account, as they need our tax exemption certificate which we will not be able to get until we have paid the £250 and set up a not for profit charitable organisation. If you wish to make a donation please contact us to arrange a bank transfer or alternative payment methods. Thank you.

13th August 2011

Harvest Festival is 23rd September. The Church of St Mary & St John will out in the community helping the elderly and vulnerable by taking them gift baskets at this time. In association with our Chivalrous Order, OIO - Knights Hospitaller Templar, this is just part of the work we do within our community throughout the year. For more information on our work, our Order and how to join please see the web site.

10th August 2011

The Church of St Mary & St John are pleased to announce the ordination of Rev. Graham Suddick who today was raised to the Deaconate. Congratulations Rev. Deacon Suddick.

09th August 2011

The Church of St Mary & St John 11/11/11 Baptisms, Confirmations & Party Friday 11/11/11 is a special date, I am marking it by offering an open day at my house. Myself and Rev. Suddick will be performing Baptisms and Confirmations together into our Celtic Gnostic Church, to make those you of wanting to be, a full member of the Church and it's wonderful positive message of Balance, Harmony and Equality.

Those ceremonies will be performed during the afternoon, then we will be having a party and buffet in the evening. You are welcome to come along and witness the Celtic Gnostic Mass along with Baptisms and Confirmations, or you can actually be Baptised and Confirmed yourself.

If you want to come please let me know then I can give you details and you can arrange accommodation in the area. My house is in Lancashire UK, all are welcome... Tau Tia.

Friday 11th November 2011 1pm - late.

This is a free event, although because I will be providing food and drinks there will be a collection plate being passed round during the ceremony, please give what you can to help towards costs and bring drinks and some food to share if possible. Thank you.

11th June 2011

The Church of St Mary & St John are now taking applications for ordination.

21st April 2011

The church now has a blog

17th April 2011

Jesus said, "Unless you become like little children, you cannot know the meaning of Life, for your minds must be cleared of the falsehoods of this realm if you are to be taught Eternal Truth."

10th April 2011

"As a female Bishop who comes from a spiritual background of esotericism, I am bound to provoke animosity in religious fundamentalists, sexists and traditionalists. My progressive stance, open and accepting outlook will shock and appal those who are still stuck in the dark ages. So I expect plenty of attacks, accusations and rumours to follow. Whispers and sniggers behind my back and many other outbursts from the unbalanced." ++Tia L Douglass.

29th March 2011

"I come less from a religious than from a spiritual background. My path took me in all kinds of directions, and they all helped make me who I am now, someone who cares about people, no matter what their past, their sexuality, gender, race, or religion. Everyone has weaknesses and desires that hinder their growth. I am not here to sit in judgement, I am here to help those who wish help in overcoming the fears, addictions, and vices that prevent them from being the rounded enlightened beings they were meant to be." ++Tia L Douglass.

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