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The Church is developing it's own Esoteric Comparative Theology Certificate (CertECTh.) course for the Minor Orders. We are currently taking enrolments. Those interested please print out, complete and return the application form on the Ordination page.

For the Major Orders the training will include a Diploma in Esoteric Comparative Theology (DipECTh.) which is the course taken within the Church Seminary.

Candidates ordinarily study by distance learning.

The Church retains responsibility and control of curricula and the appointment of mentors or spiritual counsellors. Candidates are responsible to meet their own costs in respect of seminary or other study. It is the Church's desire to ensure that no suitable candidate is prevented from study due to financial matters. Should this apply the Vicar General shall attempt to create a suitable study program with the candidate, appropriate to their circumstances.

The Church of St Mary & St John's Seminary is open to those who do not belong to our Church and our course fees are very competitive. However those Aspirants who belong to The Church of St Mary & St John will enjoy a further reduced rate for course fees.


Is our Esoteric Comparative Theology Course & Holy Orders right for you?

See how many times you say yes:

Have you found...

..yourself wondering what would probably be the best and most effective direction to take to further your spiritual path?

..that your well-being just naturally comes from enjoying your spiritual experiences while on your path?

..that your spiritual path is one of the best ways to increase your sense of well-being?

..a growing sense of excitement as you consider how becoming a Priest/ess can not only lead to helping others, but by fulfilling yourself?

..that as you think about being a Priest/ess that the idea of becoming one and living it in your everyday life becomes clearer, brighter sharper picture than you ever thought you could possibly imagine?

..that when you think about going further and deeper into your training how important it is to learn new skills; and that as the excitement and drive grow, you can apply that excitement to this training?

If you have answered yes to the questions above there is a good chance you feel ready to take the challenge, but are you the right kind of person? See how many you answer yes to below:

Would it be fair to say..

..there is a certain growing sense of eagerness about learning and applying esoteric truths and teachings?

..that the more you learn about esoteric subjects, the more eager you are to learn more?

..that, based on your value to become more spiritually aware, you can find your own reasons to continue to study these occult subjects?

..that you really want to improve your life?

..that you really want to take control of your life, that you want to have a sense of control, of discipline, to really build your life, to really make it worthwhile?

..that a training program is the best way to achieve your particular goals for your spiritual advancement and sense of well-being?

..that taking the time to use, nurture and develop your path is a very small price to pay to have that ultimate sense of fulfillment? 

How did you do? If you answered yes to most, then consider this:

Just suppose for a moment..'ve really reached your highest spiritual attainment and have gained much knowledge and wisdom from the underground stream, that you feel confident and have a great sense of control over your life and future, that you know you can use your own experience to empower others.

..that there's a time in your future when you've accomplished exactly what you want, that you've achieved a profound inner peace and high spiritual attainment that you wanted.

..once you've got the training, something that is going to be there the rest of your life are the skills and tools that you have learnt along the way, that will help you in every part of your life... and those close to you, that you have them with you in your future forever. And you know they are going to be there. Just imagine the sense of satisfaction and confidence, knowing you can walk into any situation life throws at you, armed with the training you found here. That feels pretty good, doesn't it?

What would happen if you decided to start making this your reality today by making a firm decision about improving your life right now?

Why not apply and start becoming the changes you want
to see in yourself, and the world.

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