Tau Tia L Douglass Interviewed by First For Women Magazine USA

This is the full interview and below is a scan of how it appeared in the magazine, notice how they remove the Rh factor completely!!

1) How did you first learn about a link between personality traits and blood types?

When I was doing research for my book – Secrets of the Serpent Bloodline – it involved research on genetic and anthropological differences in various ancient populations, including blood types and the health impact on having different types. I began to find out the blood types of all the people I knew worldwide, not only for this research but also because of their own curiosity about my research. I found that traits were showing up all the time in those of certain blood types. I started to do more research and found the amazing difference to personality even the Rhesus factor made. I became so good at this that I could guess someone's blood type just by talking to them for a while.

2) Why did you decide to write your book?

I decided to write the book because when I looked into what others had done about blood type personalities, which seems to be mainly in Asian countries, they were never exactly right and the big difference being that no one who is Rhesus negative fit into any of them, as they were aimed at the more common Rhesus positive blood. I wanted to create a resource for everyone to refer to that includes all the 4 Rh negative blood types too.

3) What type of insight into personality traits/character etc. can blood type give? What can a person learn about themselves by looking into their blood type?

People who are spiritually aware are always searching for answers, when people come to me looking for answers I tend to tell them to “look inside themselves” because until we have come to know ourselves we can truly begin to find the answers we are seeking. All the answers about who we are and why we are here is inside us. Our blood is inside, surging through our veins, keeping us alive and influencing our health and personality. Your blood type personality it is just another way to find out more about you. When you know more about you, you can live your life to your full and true potential.

The book covers everything from what your inner secret self is, your animal, crystal and flower associations. What careers best suit you. All about relationships, as parents, as children, in love, friendship and much more. It also covers health benefits and problems of each type. It is a useful resource not only for understanding yourself, but your friends, family and colleagues too.

4) What are the different blood types?

My book covers the 8 main blood types, there are other types that are very rare, and each person will have other differences in their blood, but the 8 main types are the ones that are most important to us for health and personality reasons. The 8 types covered in my book are: O Rh D positive, O Rh D negative, A Rh D positive, A Rh D negative, B Rh D positive, B Rh D negative, AB Rh D positive, AB Rh D negative. (These are often shortened to O- or O+, A- or A+ etc.)

5) How accurate would you say the blood type personalities are?

How accurate the blood type personalities are is very much dependent on what blood types your parents have, it is also affected by various other factors outside the blood type system. However, if your parents are both O positive and you are O positive yourself, you are much more likely to have all the character patterns of an O positive person than if your Mother is say - B positive. If you know your parents type it is a good idea to check out their type too and see how their personality has affected yours.

6) Can you explain a little about each blood type and what that type might say about the person who has that blood type?

O Negatives

Are Artistic and temperamental. O negatives have choices to make and challenges in life that will either lead them to rise to the top or sink to the bottom. Because O negatives feel so different to others, their sensitive natures can make them want to run away and hide. But when an O negative is happy and feels supported, they will flourish. Although they are often reluctant to be - they make excellent, fair and supportive leaders.

O Positives

Can be extremely confused about their own sense of identity. This can mean the less confident O positive may well be easy to manipulate. They are adaptable and cooperative because of this lack of identity. This makes them excellent when it comes to working in a team. They want to be of service to others and take their commitments very seriously – they do not really worry about what role they are in, as long as they get a chance to socialize with other people and feel valued and appreciated.

A Negatives

Are tenacious and tend to hold on to insults. The A negative is very protective of their feelings, because they are easily hurt. They tend to keep their emotions well hidden from others, for fear of showing they are vulnerable. This can come across as insensitive to others, who don't understand the calm exterior and lack of emotional display is a cover for their sensitive natures. The A negative tends to become pessimistic very easily. Unless this is kept in check it can consume them and lead to depression and anxiety.

A Positives

Are an open book and they must be the boss. The A positives love a challenge, a battle or a fight. This is what keeps their fire burning and gives them energy. They love to find new ways of doing things, improving things and making the most of every situation. They get the job done and they are often the ones who take the initiative while others are still sat about trying to decide what needs doing. They are great at organisation and keeping order, and will be very open and honest.

B Negatives

Are humane and helpful, but have a tenancy to be prudish. B negatives are usually very charismatic and eloquent and find it natural and easy to communicate their ideas and opinions, especially in person. Even though their presence can sometimes be described as quiet, B negatives usually have many strong opinions, especially when it comes to issues they consider really important in life. If a B negative is fighting for something, this is because they believe in the idea itself, not because of some selfish reasons.

B Positives

Are sensual and tend to often be self indulgent. B positives are very good at keeping their secret selves impenetrable. B positives don't like to lose their temper and can keep their emotions bottled up for a long time, but when they finally snap all hell breaks loose. The B positive has so much compassion and love for their family and friends. They are warm and sympathetic. They genuinely care about people, and are strongly service-oriented in their desire to please.

AB Negatives

Are inspiring, but can be argumentative. AB negatives want to be free. Possessive partners, bureaucrats and conservative thinkers that come into contact with them should be aware of this. The AB negative has an inner conflict, a split mind, which causes confusion and frustration at times. The AB negative's goal is to overcome this conflict as part of their spiritual path, then they in turn can help others.

AB Positives

Are inquisitive but easily bored. Inside all AB positives is a person who is worried about physical, social and emotional security. They cannot bear to be embarrassed in public. The AB positive will like the idea of letting their hair down and being silly, but this will be held back in public because of their fear and insecurities. AB positives are quick thinkers and love mental sparring with others. They find enjoyment in winning arguments and enjoy the - I told you so - satisfaction of defeating the less mentally agile.

7) Is there anything else you would like to add about blood type and personality?

Just to say that there is so much information on each type in my book it is very hard to narrow it down into a small paragraph, but I have tried to show a some of the essence of each one.

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