The Church of St Mary & St John's Mission is to bring together the exoteric teachings of St Peter's church and the hidden esoteric teachings of St Mary & St John. As well as the spiritual teachings from other cultures including: The Minoans, The Celts, The Picts, The Thracians, The Scythians, Cathars and Essenes.
To remove the veil of secrecy.

To minister to the community at large by providing services and sacraments, as well as teachings and spiritual guidance. Bringing true balance, harmony and equality to all.

True Will - Aspirants have the right to find their own pathway through the maze of choices our spiritual journey takes us. There is no set of rules or instructions for someone else's path, we all have a unique path. Every member of the Church is to be true to themselves, follow their own path while helping others, forming a community of seekers and creating a spiritual support network.

Balance - While men and women are not exactly the same, they are equal in access to leadership positions. No one is discriminated against or limited in anyway based on their gender.

Openness - We aim to invite people in regardless of their beliefs and personal choices about their lifestyle. We knock down walls, rather than putting up barriers. Where others see only differences, we can see our connection to all things.

Tradition - Engaging ourselves deeply in the ancient traditions, while also coming to your own conclusions about them, and sharing your ideas. We actively encourage you to question everything, and look at everything with an open, yet critical mind. Learning to trust your own intuition.

Our Seminary teachings give you knowledge, guidance and tools to use towards your own spiritual Illumination.



"Every man and every woman is Divine."