Order of St Joseph of Arimathea - (OJA)

We learn about Joseph of Arimathea in Sacred Scripture. Arimathea was his place of birth, which was most likely the same city also known as Ramatha, birthplace of the prophet Samuel.

Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus' Uncle, and many believe he brought the 'Holy Grail' to Glastonbury UK.

This Order is open to those who are Sub-Deacon are above, who have completed a pilgrimage to our recognised Sacred locations throughout the world. These include Tigris, Israel, Persia, Egypt, Crete, Bulgaria, France, Basque Region, Morocco, Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. Further details and information about sites we hold as Sacred are available from the Vicar General.


Order of The Holy Grail - (OHG)

This is an honourary order that members of the clergy who have gained secret knowledge are invited to join.


Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Knights Hospitaller Templars

Orders within OIO-KHT

Order of The Divine Chalice - (ODC)

Order of The Flaming Sword - (OFS)

Order of Sophia - (OSph)

Order of Divine Wisdom - (ODW)

Order of The Divine Light - (ODL)

Order of The Violet Flame - (OVL)

Order of Illuminati - (OIlumi)


Societies & Organisations under the protection of The Church of St Mary & St John

Temple of Theola

A group for spiritually minded beings of all paths, the aim is to bring us all together and create a community spirit and learn from each other. Meetings, workshops and events all aiming to raise money for the Theomerla project as well share knowledge and wisdom with each other.


The aim is to bring like minded beings together and create an environmentally friendly village and spiritual retreat.