Bishop - 9th Degree

The highest major order is that of the Bishop.





Clergy are required to wear correct Clerical Dress/Mass Vestments when administering the Sacraments, and should dress appropriately when taking Funerals, visiting the Sick and appearing at any other function where they are to offer Ministry. It is the free choice of the Clergyperson concerned as to whether they wish to wear Clerical Dress when not exercising such functions.

The Clerical Shirt for both men and women shall consist of a shirt of the appropriate corresponding colour to their Orders with a White Collar Insert. The Clerical Shirts for each Order are: Grey for Cleric, Doorkeeper and Reader; Black for Exorcist and Acolyte; Dark/Bottle Green for Sub-Deacon; Dark/Royal Blue for Deacon; Violet Purple for Priest, and Roman Purple/Magenta for Bishops and Presiding Bishop. The style of collar is up to the individual and any of the four main types are acceptable providing the Collar Insert is White. Any member of the Clergy may wear a Pectoral Cross/Tau/Ankh, although for those below the Order of Bishop this should be two inches or smaller, discreet and not overly demonstrative. A Black Clerical Shirt should be worn at Funerals by Exorcist, Acolyte, Sub-deacon and Deacon. Priest & Bishops should were their appropriate coloured shirt.
Devotional medals may be worn if wished.

Cassocks may be worn as part of the dress of the Clergy. The appropriate colours are as follows:
For the Minor Orders of Cleric through to Reader, a Black Cassock with a Grey Sash/Fascia about the waist, Exorcist & Acolyte, a Black Cassock with a Black Sash/Fascia around the waist.

For the Major Orders of Sub-Deacon, a Black Cassock Piped and Buttoned in Dark/Bottle Green with a Dark/Bottle Green Sash/Fascia around the waist. Deacon, a Black Cassock Piped and Buttoned in Dark/Royal Blue with a Dark/Royal Blue Sash/Fascia around the waist. Priest, a Black Cassock Piped and Buttoned in Violet Purple with a Violet Purple Sash/Fascia around the waist. For the Vicar-General and Bishops a Black Cassock Piped and Buttoned in Roman Purple/Magenta and a Roman Purple/Magenta Sash/Fascia around the waist.

The Presiding Bishop may wear a Choir Cassock of Rose-Purple Piped and Buttoned in Red with a Red Sash/Fascia around the waist.

Clergy of Major Orders may also wear a Black Cape Piped in their appropriate colour over their Cassock. The Roman style or Sarum style of cassock is acceptable.

A list of and Instructions for, the use of Vestments at the Celebration of Mass, along with details of Liturgical Colours and other relevant information is available from the Vicar Generals office.

Clergy should wear Vestments appropriate to the Service, Season and Situation (i.e. Denominational setting, Mass etc). Due reverence and respect must be shown by all Clergy to Vestments which are used to convey further depth and meaning when serving The Divine.