The Church is developing it's own Esoteric Comparative Theology Certificate (CertECTh.) course for the Minor Orders. We are currently taking enrolments for the first order. Those interested please print out, complete and return the application form on the Ordination page.

For the Major Orders the training will include a Diploma in Esoteric Comparative Theology (DipECTh.) which is the course taken within the Church Seminary.
Candidates ordinarily study by distance learning. Candidates in other Countries may choose a local University or Seminary, however must seek approval from the Vicar General before enrolling.

The Church retains responsibility and control of curricula and the appointment of mentors or spiritual counsellors. Candidates are responsible to meet their own costs in respect of seminary or other study. It is the Church's desire to ensure that no suitable candidate is prevented from study due to financial matters. Should this apply the Vicar General shall attempt to create a suitable study program with the candidate, appropriate to their circumstances.

The Church of St Mary & St John's Seminary is open to those who do not belong to our Church and our course fees are very competitive. However those Aspirants who belong to The Church of St Mary & St John will enjoy a further reduced rate for course fees.

For more information about our seminary please contact us.