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What is an Aeon?

Time moves in cycles, the Earth moves through phases, the cycles repeat over vast amounts of times. An Aeon is a age, an era. History of humanity is divided into a series of Aeons. As humans evolved and developed a sense of consciousness their traditions and cultures change over time. When a new phase comes about, we call this a new Aeon, a new level of consciousness, a new level of awareness.. until completion and then the cycle starts back at the beginning again.

The First Aeon

The first Aeon started when certain species of humanoid 'Neanderthals' had developed well enough to become religious. This was when they discovered herbs and natural cures for things, they found magick mushrooms and other substances that would expand their minds even further. The Neanderthals at first reproduced asexually with parthenogenesis, and they developed savant type qualities. Later males started to occur when a mutation happened on a chromosome. This naturally occurring evolution came about just at the right time, as the women were becoming more intelligent and started to set up larger tribes, the caves and huts they lived in were not fitting their requirements. Along came stronger men, who could build bigger dwellings, hunt for the food and protect the women from dangerous predators. The women were left to be the Priestesses, collecting herbs, mushrooms and creating elaborate ceremonies that the whole tribe would enjoy. The women where respected as tribe and spiritual leaders. Some women did still go hunting, and child care was something the whole tribe was involved with. Small close-knit communities sprung up everywhere. This was a peaceful abundant time. Goddess and nature worship were the spirituality of the day.

The Second Aeon

The second Aeon came about when some of the male Neanderthals decided to take the genes from some of the less evolved simian humanoids and mix them with their own, as they wanted to experiment with genetic engineering and they thought they were helping the simians become more like them. But when some of the Neanderthal men bred with the some of the new ones, the Adams & Eves (Simples), a new race of humanoids were created 'Cro-Magnon' this caused a massive divide among the Neanderthal tribes, between those who agreed with this, mainly the males, and those who thought it was wrong to mess with nature. The Cro-Magnon men decided they no longer wanted to put up with the women being the tribe leaders, they took the Simples and trained them to do the farming for them, and build cities. Some of the Neanderthal men got angry about this, and tried to wipe out most of the Cro-Magnons, but many survived. The Neanderthals were seen as Gods by the Simples, spiritual leaders, as they taught them so much. But the Cro-Magnons grew tired of the more intelligent pure bloods being their leaders, they stole the teachings, rebelled and hid the truth. They set up new religions and patriarchy was born. This Aeon was about God worship, and glorifying death, war, aggression and making people wait till death to find salvation.

The Third Aeon

This is the Aeon we are currently entering into, we are at the moment witnessing the birth pangs of this Aeon of androgyny. Where both males and females can start to work together to balance things on Earth. The return of the Divine Feminine means at last males are starting to see that women are equals, and should not be suppressed, for though males and females are different, we are complimentary. When working together we can find harmony. This is also about women finally finding out about their own feminine virtues that have been masked for so long by patriarchy. Patriarchy has turned a lot of women towards male like qualities, just so they can get by in a patriarchal society. But women are now starting to realise the power of the Divine Feminine, in her own right. They are starting to reject wars and aggressive behaviour, in favour of nurturing and caring about others, and the chain reaction is carrying through to males also. Both males and females are becoming balanced. This is an amazing time to be alive and to experience. Because although it might seem for a while as if things are getting worse, the more who awaken the Divine Feminine within themselves again, the more the world will begin to heal.

The Thelemic Aeon of Horus?

The Thelemic view of the Aeons is similar to above, but not completely. Back in 1904 when Aleister Crowley first wrote his 'Book of Law' he was living in a misogynist society, and he himself admitted he had little or no respect for women. The Esoteric Orders of the day refused females to be part of them, and even searched those entering the lodges to make sure they weren't female. This is because they didn't want women finding out the truth about a man needing a woman to gain enlightenment. When these men found out the truth, the first thing they did was try to find a woman for this task. However, because the women had been suppressed, none of them had the know-how or capability to enlighten themselves, nevermind anyone else. A few women were allowed to join these Orders, but they became honourary men and were called 'Brothers' they removed the feminine completely, and made out that a woman can only be respected if she became a man. So how were these women supposed to use their Divine powers to enlighten the men? Men would find just any woman and try to work the alchemical magick with them, but they always failed.

This new Aeon is about 'Veritas' truth. Because women are now learning their feminine Virtues and Divine powers once more. The word of the Aeon is THEOLA (Divine), THELEMA is outdated and no longer empowering to anyone who works within that current. THEOLA empowers both men and women to the truth. Women are learning how to use their Divine energy to heal and enlighten, and men will now start to find women who have the Divine magick within themselves, and they will be willing to share it with them.

Horus was a warrior King, Veritas is a Lady who wants to bring you the truth, that all can benefit from. So no, this Aeon is not the Aeon of Horus. Aleister Crowley's 'Woman Girt With Sword' turns females into males. Lady Veritas carries the chalice which overflows with feminine virtues that will heal the world.

In the Future

In time this Aeon will also end, and the cycle will start over again. The wheel keeps on turning and all the while our consciousness is learning lessons, that is what we are here for after all.

©Copyright Tau Tia L Douglass OIO-KHTGP, CSsM&J. 25th October 2011

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