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What is a Gnostic Theolalite?

Those involved with the Church (The Church of St Mary & St John), Order (Ordo Infinitus Orbis) or even just the 'Be The Solution' Movement (a movement set up in order to bring together people from all over the world for a common cause - to find a solution to the world's problems while all agreeing to one simple rule - I believe that everyone should have the freedom to: Do whatever they want, worship whatever they want, believe anything they want, so long as it hurts no one else and they don't force their views on anyone else.) The Be The Solution phrase has become a philosophy to live by which brings hope to many people. Already people from 45 countries have signed up to be involved.

Gnostic Theolalite Meaning

A Gnostic is one that seeks Gnosis (Knowledge). A Gnostic doesn't need labels because true independence is being Gnostic. Originally, Gnostics simply called themselves, “Knowledge seekers” as Gnosis means Knowledge, the idea being, if Truth is ONE, then all Knowledge Seekers who GENUINELY seek the truth, should eventually end up at the same view, but by their own paths.

Theolalite is just a word to describe someone with Gnosis, who has full connection to their own Higher Self. Theola=Divine, Lite=Light. They carry the Divine spark within them, ignited by their compassion and the truth.

Gnostic Theolalite Trinity

The Gnostic Theolalite Trinity is the Mother - the matriarchal Aeon of the past - Binah on the tree of life, the Father - the current patriarchal Aeon - Chokmah on the tree of life and the Divine Androgynous Child - the Aeon we are moving into - Kether on the tree of life. The new is known as the Aeon of Veritas, when all truths will be revealed.

The Trinity Through The Aeons

In the Matriarchal Aeon the Trinity was the Triple Goddess. It represented the Maiden, Mother and Crone, stages of life. It also represents the three phases of the Moon, New (waxing) Moon, Full Moon, Dark (waning) Moon.

In the Patriarchal Aeon it was replaced with an all male trinity of The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Although some who call themselves Christian Gnostics say that the Holy Spirit is the feminine aspect or the trinity, and to a degree this is true as she is always there, but hidden in plain sight. The Holy Spirit is represented by the white Dove, this in turn represents the Divine Feminine. However in the trinity for the new Aeon the child is androgynous and represents the highest attainment.

When you realise that the Holy Spirit is feminine, you then begin to realise that all 'patriarchal' lineages and apostolic successions are passed through the feminine aspects, not the masculine one. When you Ordain someone you are a vessel for the Holy Spirit to flow through you and Ordain the Aspirant.

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