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The Church of St Mary & St John

Comprises of an esoteric Church and magickal Order (not to be confused with Roman Catholic churches of the same name), along with various other Orders and organisations under the protection of the Church. Although the Church claims ancestral lineages to very ancient Gnostic teachings its more public face - The Church of St Mary & St John, was first founded in March 2011 by Tau Tia L Douglass and Tau Graham T Suddick. Its inner Orders, the main being - Ordo Infinitus Orbis, again from ancestral lineages of Gnostic teachings which predate the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well as Eastern religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, was given its current public face in March 2009 by Tau Tia L Douglass.

Temples and other buildings

The Church and Order can and do set up Temples wherever they are. No dedicated building is needed or required, some ceremonies take place outside. It is a strong Gnostic Theolalite belief that we need no fancy buildings or to set our roots down in one spot, we can be at one with the Divine wherever we are, because in truth we carry it with us, inside.


In March of 2009 Tau Tia L Douglass, formed Ordo Infinitus Orbis, as a way to bring the Gnostic teachings more out into the public consciousness. At first the lowest grade of the Order was more open and accepted anyone who wished to apply, as it was seen that anyone who is seeking Gnosis, should be allowed to find it. It however led to trouble and it was decided that the door to the Order and the secret teachings therein would be closed and not made available to the public.

In March 2011 however, it was decided that a more structured course should be developed so that those wishing to, could apply to and become a Priest/ess in their own right. The Church of St Mary & St John was formed, along with the Temple of Theola. Not only training people in esoteric subjects in a more exoteric way, it will also give them, after the first six Orders of the Church, a chance to become a member of Ordo Infinitus Orbis proper, as they progress to the higher major Orders.

In 2011 OIO (Ordo Infinitus Orbis) added - Knights Hospitallar Templar to its name, in remembrance of the Gnostic Templars murdered by the Roman Catholic Church for heresy. In the OIO-KHT Constitutional Charter it makes mention of the secret and true herstory of the Templars, which the Order claims ancestral lineages back to.

An Outer Order of the OIO-KHT was formed in the name - The International Priory of Knights Hospitaller Templar, which is open for anyone to apply to join. Although being a companion member of the Outer Order does not require you undertake any training in esoteric studies, it is more a group to discuss ideas about making better safer communities through their various charitable pursuits.


The Church name is formed with Mary Magdalene as St Mary and John the Baptist as St John.

Mission Statement

The Church of St Mary & St John's Mission is to bring together the exoteric teachings of St Peter's church and the hidden esoteric teachings of St Mary & St John. As well as the spiritual teachings from other cultures including: The Minoans, The Celts, The Picts, The Thracians, The Scythians, Cathars and Essenes.

To remove the veil of secrecy.

To minister to the community at large by providing services and sacraments, as well as teachings and spiritual guidance. Bringing true balance, harmony and equality to all.

True Will

Aspirants have the right to find their own pathway through the maze of choices our spiritual journey takes us. There is no set of rules or instructions for someone else's path, we all have a unique path. Every member of the Church is to be true to themselves, follow their own path while helping others, forming a community of seekers and creating a spiritual support network.


While men and women are not exactly the same, they are equal in access to leadership positions. No one is discriminated against or limited in anyway based on their gender.


We aim to invite people in regardless of their beliefs and personal choices about their lifestyle. We knock down walls, rather than putting up barriers. Where others see only differences, we can see our connection to all things.


Engaging ourselves deeply in the ancient traditions, while also coming to your own conclusions about them, and sharing your ideas. We actively encourage you to question everything, and look at everything with an open, yet critical mind. Learning to trust your own intuition.

Our Seminary teachings give you knowledge, guidance and tools to use towards your own spiritual Illumination.

Structure and Spiritual Titles

The Church of St Mary & St John - Minor Orders

Cleric - 1st Degree

This grade corresponds to Yesod on the Tree of Life.

Doorkeeper - 2nd Degree

This grade corresponds to Hod on the Tree of Life.

Reader - 3rd Degree

This grade corresponds to Netzach on the Tree of Life.

Exorcist - 4th Degree

This grade corresponds to Tiferet on the Tree of Life.

Acolyte - 5th Degree

This grade corresponds to Geburah on the Tree of Life.

Esoteric Comparative Theology Certificate (CertECTh.)

For Major Orders see Ordo Infinitus Orbis.


Tau Tia L Douglass was Consecrated to the Episcopate by an independent Bishop. There were many who were not happy about this.

Since then a site has put up about Tau Tia L Douglass with documents that claim to abnegate her Holy Orders. Which once transferred can not be undone.

It would seem that not everyone in modern times is ready or willing to accept the esoteric in the mainstream, especially when it is a woman who is teaching it.

Tau Tia L Douglass seem to be a controversial character as many seem to use forms of character assassination against her, and try to stop what she and the others involved have to say.

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