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Ordo Infinitus Orbis

In March of 2009 Tau Tia L Douglass, formed Ordo Infinitus Orbis, as a way to bring the Gnostic teachings more out into the public consciousness. At first the lowest grade of the Order was more open and accepted anyone who wished to apply, as it was seen that anyone who is seeking Gnosis, should be allowed to find it. It however led to trouble and it was decided that the door to the Order and the secret teachings therein would be closed and not made available to the public.

Aims of Ordo Infinitus Orbis

Set up to provide the secret knowledge from the mysteries and the magick arts which lead to Illumination. It claims its mysteries come from ancient wisdom passed through generations of their bloodline.

Their sole purpose and intention is to influence the future. To bring balance, harmony and peace to a new world formed through equality of tribes men and women. “Before you can help change the future, you must also learn how to empower and balance yourself. Hence the new Order for the new world was formed.”

“Ordo Infinitus Orbis is balanced. No Soror or Frater is invited because of their gender, but only for their ability to show their true lineage back to our ancient tribes of spiritual leaders.”

THEOLA Magick Current

A balanced path which uses the energies of both the Sun and Moon, Male and Female, working to bring harmony and balance to ourselves, then we can in turn bring balance and harmony to the world. Those working in the Theola current usually call themselves Gnostic Theolalites. The current of OIO is 333 and the magick number is 11. Theola is known as the Divine current, and the motto is - Every man and every woman is Divine. Meaning all can ignite the Divine spark within themselves.


Ordo Infinitus Orbis translates from Latin to - Order of the Infinite Circle.

Structure and Spiritual Titles

Ordo Infinitus Orbis - Knights Hospitaller Templar - Major Orders

Sub-deacon - 6th Degree (Rev) This grade corresponds to Chesed on the Tree of Life. Order of St Thecla - (OThc) Order of St Joseph of Arimathea - (OJA) Order of The Holy Grail - (OHG) - Only for those invited to OIO-KHT Celestite - OIO-SqHT. (Squire Hospitaller Templar) or OIO-LHT. (Lady Hospitaller Templar) - Squire/Lady.

Deacon - 7th Degree (Rev) This grade corresponds to Binah on the Tree of Life. Azurite - OIO-KHT. (Knight Hospitaller Templar) or OIO-LKHT. (Lady Knight Hospitaller Templar) - Sir Knight/Lady Knight. Become member of - Order of The Divine Chalice

Priest/Priestess - 8th Degree (Rev) This grade corresponds to Chokmah on the Tree of Life. Esoteric Comparative Theology Diploma (DipECTh.) Order of St Mary Magdalene - (OMM) - Priestesses Only Order of St John The Baptist - (OJB) - Priests Only Amethyst - OIO-SnlKHT. (Seneschal) - Order of The Flaming Sword. - Baron/Baroness. Amethyst contains many levels within it. On being initiated into Amethyst you become a Priest/ess.

Monsignor Grand Seneschal - Order of Sophia = OIO-GSKHT. - Count/Countess. On becoming a Grand Seneschal Count/Countess you become a High Priest/ess.

Abbot/Abbess Commander - Order of Divine Wisdom = OIO-CdrKHT. - Marquis/Marchioness.

Bishop - 9th Degree (Tau or Rt. Rev) This grade corresponds to Kether on the Tree of Life. Grand Commander - Order of The Divine Light = OIO-GCdrKHT. - Duke/Duchess.

Further advancement within OIO-KHT

Fisher Prince/Princess - Order of The Violet Flame = OIO-FPKHT. - Your Highness.

Fisher King/Queen - Order of Illuminati = OIO FKKHT. or OIO-FQKHT. - Your Royal Highness.

Grand Prior/Grand Prioress = OIO-KHTGP. - Your Divine Royal Highness. Family and Spiritual Lineage Holder for the entire Order.

The Order is headed up by the Fisher Queen & King.

Those who form their own chapter become a Fisher King or Queen of their chapter.

And the whole of OIO Knights Hospitaller in all regions is headed up by Grand Prior or Grand Prioress. Who will guard the lineages for future Grand Prior & Grand Prioress.

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